Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector


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This PM2302 resistance tester can be used to measure maximum, minimum, or average resistance, as well as measure relatively; low battery indication, and 2 and 3 Pole modes. In case of power outages, the 100 groups of test results that can be stored by this insulation tester will not be lost.

The big digital LCD and backlights on this digital resistance tester make it possible for users to see the information on the LCD with ease. Analog bars and a digital display.It offers an automatic power-off feature that prolongs the life of your multimeter's batteries. 

For electrical examination and maintenance, it is the best tool.


  • Colour: Red
  • Voltage: DC 1.5Vx2
  • Material: Plastic
  • Additional Features: Torchlight and 2 AA Batteries 


1 Year

How to use:

  1. To turn this device ON or OFF, press and hold the power button for longer than one second until the power indicator turns on.
  2. Press the torch button to turn the light on or off. If the torch is left on, it will shut off on its own after roughly five minutes.
  3. To detect AC voltage, insert the device's probe into a power outlet or very near a live wire. The induction voltage indicator light flashes once an AC voltage signal is detected by the gadget. The gadget may illuminate the matching signal intensity indicator based on the measured signal strength (high, middle, low). A built-in buzzer simultaneously emits several alarm tones in accordance with the level of voltage.
  4. Live/Neutral wire determination: Test each wire separately or, if possible, the socket contact opening to determine which of two wires is live or neutral. The live wire is the one with the strongest signal. The neutral cable, in contrast, has a marginal or nonexistent signal.
  5. The tester will turn itself off automatically after five minutes of inactivity.
    The power indicator light flashes three times, the buzzer beeps, and the device turns off automatically when the battery voltage falls below around 2.6V.