Submersible Red, Green & Blue LED 18 Watts Swimming Pool Light


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The fittings operate by passing electricity through a semiconductor, which creates light, as opposed to incandescent and halogen lights, which rely on burning filaments. LED fixtures just require a direct power connection to function.


  • Watts: 10W
  • Material: PVC


1 Year

IMPORTANT: Pool users and operators can choose to install controllers to build a fine control system.

NOTE: The specification of the controller, especially the input voltage, must be well known by pool users and installers before installation. Failure to do so may cause the injury to person and damage to both the light and controller

Additional Information
Colour RGB
Lamp Type LED
Watt 18W
Voltage AC 12V
Item Dimensions

H 27mm x W 160mm

Material Plastic
Warranty 1 Year
Additional Features
  • Driver to be Purchased separately
  • 16 programs with a Synchronization capability
  • A lifespan of 30,000 hours continuous operation
Application Underwater