Busbar Chamber 400A 8Way


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The busbar chambers is fabricated using sheet steel (CRCA) of 1.6mm thickness and epoxy powder coated to give superior & lasting finish. The busbar sections are made of ETP grade copper & dull tinplated and the busbar supports are made of DMC(Dough molding compound). The neutral busbar is fully rated.

All have detachable end plates enabling them to be extended easily with the connection of another chamber. Full top and bottom end plates are detachable.

 Additional Information

Colour Grey
Amp 400A
Voltage AC 415-440V
Item Dimensions

Material Aluminium
Installation Assembled
Additional Features
  • Readymade & customized solution for safe power distribution.
  • Modular / compact design provides economy of space and cost.
  • Simple and efficient system configuration.
  • Easy & flexible and time saving Installation.
  • Shock proof design.
  • Elegant & sleek in appearance.
Warranty 1 Year