Tronic LED Floodlight 20Watts Black


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Tronic LED Flood Light in a black body is slim, has a diffused glass and has 4KV surge protection. Its slim body improves esthetics while the diffused glass helps to effectively disperse the light. Its inbuilt 4KV surge protection protects the floodlight from power disturbances such as surges. It has an IP rating of 65 making it ideal for outdoor usage / application. The floodlights are used to make your outdoor area brighter providing both illumination and security for your outdoor space. This model provides 90 Lumens per watt and a total of 1800 lumens for this model. Available in Daylight and Warm white.

Additional Information

Colour Black
Lamp Type LED
Watt 20W
Voltage AC 165-255V
Item Dimensions H 207mm x W 250mm
Material Aluminum
Warranty 1 Year
Additional Features IP65, 90 Lumens per watt & 4KVa Protection 
Application Security Light, Outdoor Lighting.