Electrical Panel Building



From the fundamental construction of a home to the intricate work of large-scale industrial processes that use electricity heavily, the foundation of every electrical installation comes down to the low-voltage main and sub-main electricity and its deployment.

Tronic Kenya Limited is a recognized and KEBS-certified supplier of specialized panels. Our control panel design team collaborates with customers to guarantee that the customized distribution and control panel adheres to all requirements necessary for the specific application. We have a highly skilled team, a fully stocked manufacturing facility, and many more resources to meet the ever-evolving requirements of our customers. We also stay ahead of the game by focusing on customer satisfaction and keenly focusing on maintaining quality production.

Panelboards are part of an electrical distribution system that separates power feed into branch circuits and provides a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a single enclosure.

The principal distribution point for supplying energy from the utility company to switches, outlets, and appliances in any installation is the electrical service panel.

A panel distributes the main power to subpanels, or it controls machinery by dedicated circuits and a control mechanism. Subpanels are also used to separate the electrical needs of different spaces. To relieve the strain on the main circuit breaker panel, a sub-panel is added.

A defective electrical panel or an insufficiently designed one could endanger safety in addition to harming any connected electrical appliances.


Products and Services

Main Distribution Panel

Power distribution boards are used to classify and distribute electrical power from the main source to the various load sources. The load calculation from the chosen location determines the size of the incomer breaker and the number of outgoing/outgoing breaker sizes. The panel should be installed and used in a safe atmosphere and according to established principles.

All Tronic distribution panels make provisions for load control, short circuit, and isolation to protect the load and the connecting cable.


Low-Voltage (LV) - Distribution Panel

LV panel is a part of an electrical distribution system that separates a power feed into branch circuits and provides a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a single enclosure. Tronic LV boards have been deployed in various facilities across Kenya to distribute energy throughout buildings and factories while guarding against electrical overloads and short circuits.

 All Tronic LV Panel come with provisions for electrical protection, remote or local switching, and circuit isolation to protect the load and the connecting cable


Sub-Distribution Panel

The sub-distribution panel is made up of a basic frame that houses the necessary electrical components such as main isolating switches, emergency shut-down mechanisms, RCDs, line circuit breakers, controllers, and contactors for workgroups.


Power Factor Control Panel

The power factor control panel is designed to increase power factor while ensuring cost and energy effectiveness in electrical systems. Tronic power factors have been deployed in processing facilities with varying loads, including quarries, steel mills, chemical plants, and paper mills.


AC Combiner Panel

An AC Combiner panel offers a cost-effective way to combine multiple AC devices. Individual fused inputs make it easier to aggregate the output of string inverters. All string inverters are supported by AC Combiners, which are extremely adjustable to match any application.


Metering Panel Board

Metering panels are crucial in measuring the amount of power and the rate at which it is consumed. Tronic metering panels are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. They are extremely durable and practical to use for power consumption and allocation of operations.


Star Delta Starter

Tronic automatic star delta starter comes with a pneumatic timer module that regulates the motor by switching from star to delta after a delay as the motor starts using a star connection. Tronic star-delta is extremely reliable as they are all installed with ac3 contactors.


 DOL Starter

A DOL starter is also known as a direct online starter or an across-the-line starter. It’s a method of starting a three-phase induction motor by linking directly across its three-phase supply in a DOL starter, which then supplies the motor terminals with the full line voltage.


 Forward Reverse Starter

A forward/reverse motor starter contains two three-pole horsepower-rated contractors rather than simply one as in the traditional starter. This allows the operation of the motor in both directions. The two distinct motor starters each use a different phase rotation to drive the motor.


 Custom Motor Control Panel

All Tronic control panels can be customized with site demand, load calculation, or with a single-line diagram. Different machinery controls different motor starter modes, and distribution combined into a single panel with proper metering and as per the customer's requirement.


 Earth Mat

An Earth Mat is a mesh made of bare metallic conductors that are laid in shallow soil to improve safety from potential hazards caused by touch and footfall. Earth mats are a component of the grounding system used in substations, manufacturing facilities, and industrial zones that handle a lot of power.


 Industrial socket box panels

Tronic socket boxes are customized and portable combi boxes with industrial sockets and plugs designed to carry site to site, with weatherproof enclosures.


 Busbar Chamber

Busbar Chamber Panels are employed to distribute and classify electrical power from a primary source to the many load sources. The load calculation from the supplied site is used to estimate the size of the incomer busbar and the number of outgoings/outgoing connection sizes. The included indicator LEDs will aid with phase indicators. The panel should be installed and used in a safe atmosphere and according to established principles.


Feeder Pillar Panels

Tronic feeder pillars are outdoor units with weatherproof and high IP-rated enclosures aimed at power distribution and control. Tronic feeder pillars act as a central course that controls and distributes electricity to outgoing circuits.