Tronic Screw Driver Set 12-in-1


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It is a handy tool that really speeds up the process of installing or removing a set of screws. It works by eliminating the need to continuously reposition your wrist with every turn of the screwdriver. It has 12 interchangeable screw bits and a compartment at the handle to store the bits to ensure none may be misplaced.

 Additional Information
Colour Red and Black
Item Dimension


Material Rubber Grip and Aluminium
Additional Features Size;
  • Slotted 6.35mm X 85mm
  • Phillips PH2-6mm, PH1-5mm
  • Torx T10-T15, T20-T25
  • Hexagon H3-H4
  • Square S1-S2
Application All Commercial and Domestic use
Warranty 1 Year