3W Tronic Daylight LED Domino GU10 Bulb


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This Bulb is the most common type of spotlight bulb found in most homes today. It is otherwise known as a PAR16 light bulb and is often used in places where a bright, directional light is needed such as kitchens and workspaces. GU10 refers to the type of fittings these light bulbs have. Two short, square-ish pins protrude from the base of the light bulb. This model provides 80 Lumens per watt and a total of 240 lumens for this model.

 Additional Information
Colour Daylight
Lamp Type GU10
Watt 3W
Voltage AC 220-240
Item Dimensions H 55mm x W 50mm
Material Plastic
Warranty 1 Year
Application All Commercial and Domestic use